Responses to 2014 UCA Marriage Paper

Published 23 July 2014

Official ACC response to the UCA Marriage Discussion Paper (s)

ACC's response to the UCA Discussion Paper on Marriage, The Views of marriage report, and the Study Guide is contained in this pdf document (10 pages): Download here

Another helpful resources is found in a short 2 page guide to the Questions asked by the UCA Assembly in the Study Guide: Download here

Response from ACC Cranbourne Cluster Group to the 2014 UCA Discussion Paper on Marriage

Introduction: All small groups are encouraged to send a response after reflecting on the current Assembly Discussion Paper. Here we have a simple example of how one small group responded.

Click here to download

Are you preparing a response to the UCA Assembly paper by the closing date of October 10? When completed you can send to:

Marriage Discussion Paper response, Uniting Church in Australia. -National Assembly, PO Box A 2266Sydney. NSW 1235. Or email