Place, purpose and importance of marriage

Published 16 September 2010

By Ian Clarkson

There's a very important debate looming on our social and political landscape. It's to do with the place, purpose and importance to our nation of marriage.

Volumes of research demonstrate beyond doubt the positive contribution that intact stable marriages make to the wellbeing of children and society.

Australia needs to invest in this solidly if it is to deliver the best opportunities for its children in the future. The best protection and opportunity we can give our young is sound marriages.

But, the debate goes deeper. Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, said the Greens believe discrimination espoused by the current marriage act must be overturned to ensure freedom of sexuality and gender identity are recognised as fundamental human rights.

They wish to rewrite the basic structure of marriage, which has been fundamental for millennia.  Their view overlooks that marriage isn't only a right for adults, it's a structure to provide a foundation and wall of protection for the next generation.

Others have inaugurated a national marriage day celebration to highlight the unique benefits and seek to renew a culture of marriage within the nation.

If marriage is so essential to the stability, morale, security and prosperity of the Australian nation, then laws that protect it are as important as issues of health care, economy, or climate and environment.

Think about it.