Marriage Matters Part I

Published 10 February 2011

Australia faces an attack on its legal, moral and social foundation and fabric. To constitutionally recognize same gender marriage in Australia will alter the fundamental basis and institution of our society, and its future. Marriage between a man and a woman, and the family they produce and nurture, is the foundation of civilization. To play with this in the 21st Century AD is to invite social chaos.
The value of monogamous heterosexual marriage needs to be examined and made broadly known, before Australian citizens give tacit agreement to our politicians, to turn marriage over to a continuum of inevitable redefinitions. Where will it end? Islam will have polygamy n the agenda. (one man and many wives) Others have lready begun asking, ‘Why restrict marriage to 2 persons?' (any number and combination of gender) This paper examines the value and intrinsic meaning of marriage.

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