Christian Marriage

Published 23 September 2010

by Ted Curnow

Social engineers and militant lobby groups seek to change the meaning of Christian Marriage. This brief pastoral statement can be used during preparation, or in the Marriage Celebration itself to clarify the meaning of Christian Marriage.

Christians have always believed that marriage is much more than a social idea. Love and marriage are God's sacred and precious gifts. While marriage in itself brings no guarantee of total satisfaction, the fulfillment of the love of man and woman in marriage is part of God's plan for human kind.

The Church or the State cannot marry people. Today we acknowledge that in their promises and union God the Creator/Giver marries ............ and ............... together so that the two become one. Therefore we ought to hold marriage and the home and family in great honor, never taking them lightly and never entering into a relationship so deep and so personal without understanding what it is and at least some of the purposes it serves.

First, God has created us. This ceremony then is an act of worship. Christians believe that we have been created with instincts and affections which reach their highest fulfillment in a marriage that includes God.

Within marriage husband and wife may give to each other companionship, help and comfort in every kind of situation for the whole of their life together.

When the children are born and brought up in family where Christian love is the background to the relationship each has with the other, not only are they surrounded and nurtured by that love but they learn to understand what love is about and will bring it into their relationships with others.

Today, seeking your support and sharing their joy ........... and ........... publicly pledge their binding promises in the presence of God and in your presence as their friends, family, Church and the State to enter marriage.

So love, marriage and the family are God's gifts to be accepted and used whole heartedly and with joy.